Rizan Faiz

rizanMy name is Rizan Faiz Rosman and greetings to all. I am in my final year of Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Science at the University of Melbourne. 

Looking back at my time at EcoKnights, it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I was lucky to be accepted to be a program intern even though the internship duration I applied is just 6 weeks. The reason I did this internship in Malaysia instead of doing it in Australia is because I want to have hands-on experience in the environmental science field in Malaysia. This internship is also a part of my subject which I am designated to submit an assignment based on this placement. Next, I also want to improve my soft-skills and increase my knowledge in practising a sustainable lifestyle.

The working environment in EcoKnights is casual and everyone is very friendly with a diversed cultural background. All of them welcomed me with open arms and taught me many lessons not only in work ethics but also in life. I got the chance to join many activities and events throughout my time there including the Kuala Lumpur International Eco Film Festival 2018 launching ceremony. I was very comfortable working with all the staff and other interns which enable me to observe and understand them easily. This large group of achievesr have different strength and they work together as a team very efficiently.

Sometimes it would be a quiet day in the office but most of the time, the surrounding would be very cheerful.  Overall, my work experience at EcoKnights was very positive. I was very happy with the number of things that I have learned and experienced in the 6 weeks of interning with them. I learnt so much about team coordination, communication techniques and most importantly the priceless knowledge about environmental conservation. I can say that I am not good enough with words but what’s certain is I had great memories with EcoKnights.

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