Koen Louis

image014My name is Koen Louis and I’m from the Netherlands. At the moment of writing I am in the third and final year of my studies International Business Administration (IBA) at the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

For my minor I chose to do the module called ‘Crossing Borders’, which is specifically designed to learn more about and to address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as identified by the United Nations. I have always been interested in the environment, which is also why I made personal efforts such as growing my own fruits and vegetables. Wanting to learn more about environmental challenges and how they can be addressed was what drove me towards EcoKnights.

Coming from a different culture, I was surprised to already feel so embraced by the team on the very first day. All friendly staff and interns instantly welcomed me with open arms. Immediately in my first week I got to join three events which taught me a lot about EcoKnights, but also about the environmental condition in Kuala Lumpur. It was for example quite a shock to see so much garbage at a public play yard where we hosted a cleaning event.

Interning at EcoKnights has been a wonderful experience that has learned me a lot about organizational culture, environmental issues and solutions. It also taught me how important team dynamics are, as in EcoKnights you are part of a family in which you are never alone. Working at EcoKnights also means working in a demanding environment which is challenging, but this all constitutes to an amazing experience which for me is invaluable. 

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