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sherwinGreetings readers! I'm Sher Wyn and I majored in Corporate Communication in Sunway University.

EcoKnights is the only place I applied for my internship placement. I did consider other organizations but I felt strongly towards being in EcoKnights for the season. I had to apply first to my School because EcoKnights wasn't in the list of companies/NGOs (that my seniors have went). It's a little crazy because students are adviced to apply to two/three places, and I wasn't sure whether my application would be approved as my degree is on communications. 

My first encounter with EcoKnights was in 2014 where I saw a Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) booklet in a coffee house in Klang, where I'm from. I was intrigued by the idea of a film festival and especially one that is on the environment because one value that have been instilled in me is to be a good steward of the earth, to responsibly care for the resources that we have been blessed with. 

I've always wanted to attend KLEFF since 2014 but couldn't because it'll be during my peak assignment period. Fast forward to 2016, while researching for an assignment and on zero waste, I re-encountered EcoKnights.  Later on, EcoKnights was at an internship fair for Business/Accounting students in my university. After conversing with Nabila and Farhanah more about EcoKnights and its organizational culture, I was determined to intern at EcoKnights. And thank God, my internship application was accepted. 

EcoKnights does alot of community engagement and groundwork that requires and challenges you to be quick with your mind and feet. Be ready to meet passionate people from all walks of life anyday. Your eyes will be opened to the green innovations and hardwork these individuals put into plowing the land for a more sustainable future for our future progeny. 

The programs I was part of in the duration of my internship from August 2017 - November 2017 were the Knights of Nature (KON) Sustainability Camp, the Penang Green Carnival, and the Premier screening of the Inconvenient Truth, and KLEFF. 

As it takes two hours to get to office via public transport, I got the chance to exercise my right to extend my capacity to take on whatever task I was given - writing articles/press releases, looking for sponsorship, contacting the media, being the mediator for KLEFF's volunteers and camp participants, co-handling EcoKnights and KLEFF's social media, and so forth. I've become more confident of my writing and mediating skills because of the experiences I've gained. 

Interning with EcoKnights has caused me to be more conscious of the waste I am generating each day and to think of greener ways to address them. It has caused to me to revisit and appreciate the lessons on ecology, geology, and science I had in my homeschooling years (in a centre) and the lessons on communication, world issues/sustainability in CIMP as I got to experience the importance and realness of these subjects.

At EcoKnights we try our best to compost our food waste and to recycle and upcycle anything that iCycle-global can (e.g. food/drinks packaging, furniture). When we go out for meals, we'd tell the hawker stall owners that we don't want straws in our drinks. We'll drink our drinks as it is or with our metal straws. A few times when my colleagues had Starbucks but forgot their straws, they actually waited to get back to office and their metal straws to finally drink it. However, being human, there are times where plastic consumption is inevitable; but we'll bring our plastic waste back to the office, clean it, then recycle it. 

I now have my own metal straws (3 - of various size and shape) that I purchased from the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival's (KLEFF) Green Market. After working alongside EcoKnights for my internship, I've gained more confidence in voicing out about single-use waste consumption to the people I encounter whenever I have the chance to.  

I have also become more purposeful when it comes to recycling because of the daily practices in EcoKnights. Through EcoKnights, I found out about iCycle-global where I can gain points by recycling. Our office is a collection centre! I think one reason I'm quite a hoarder is because there was no avenue for me to recycle things in the past. I can't bear with the thought of a memorable line from The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - "You're mixing garbage with recycling!" Now there's a good place for my everyday waste to go to. 

In addition, being a part of the Penang Green Carnival, KLEFF, and working alongside the EcoKnights team have exposed me to greener solutions to accommodate my monthly feminine cycle and I've begun some baby steps in that. 

If you're looking for a space to be entrusted much, to grow and learn and to fall and get back up again much more confidently, EcoKnights is the place for you as the team is made up of very passionate, caring and kind Knights. Yasmin Rasyid, EcoKnights' Founding President and Fadly Bakhtiar, EcoKnights' Program Director are all for youth development, they desire very much to add value to interns lives and to see interns and people grow tremendously well. However small or soft your voice is, know that it will be heard and valued. I've come to learn that the little tasks I've been given and the little actions I take have a great impact to the workings and happenings as whole. 

To me, EcoKnights likens a body where Yasmin is the heart, Fadly - the brain, Nabila - the muscles, Mok - the backbones/skeleton, Joy - the eyes, Emirul - the lips, the interns- the organs, and our partners/volunteers - the fingers and toes. 

EcoKnights is family. There're two memorable EcoKnights sayings I'll leave you with - "Once a Knight, you'll forever be a Knight" and "There's no last day with EcoKnights."


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