Nurul Fatiah

fatiahI came into EcoKnights as part of my 3-month internship for my degree. Fresh out of university, I had no idea how this experience was going to be like because this would be first real "job". It took me some time to get used to the rhythm of EcoKnights but, after a while, I finally did. I think this has been said countless times but the best thing about EcoKnights really is that, regardless of whom you are what your background is and what level of intelligence you have, they will welcome you with open arms and treat you as an equal.

I would say that my short time in EcoKnights has played a big part in my growth. It was just the push I needed for me to get out of my shell. I started with working together with Emirul on the River of Life (ROL) project, which turned out to be just the perfect experience for me. And then, when the Knights of Nature camp came around, I realized how the EcoKnights team was like their own little family. In October, I decided to extend my time and stay for the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF). It was an amazing roller coaster journey, to have that hands-on experience in event management. I was given the task of handling the forum session and Green Vibes and oh boy! That was a rush of adrenaline. I was honoured to be given such a responsibility, when, honestly, I really did not think I was capable of carrying it through.

They say once you join EcoKnights, you never really leave. I think that applies to me as well. I have grown very fond of everyone there. I want to thank Yasmin for being someone who has so much passion for the environment and for always dreaming up bigger and greater things for EcoKnights; as I aspire to be so much like the amazing person she is. Fadly, or "BOSS", the person I constantly look up to, thank you for always giving me endless advice and never tiring in teaching me to always think rationally and do the right things. Nabila, for always being the "Kakak' of EK, the comfort zone I turn to when I feel lost. Mok, for teaching me how to be persistent in my work and always pushing me to work harder. "Jijuy Ane", for always making my day funnier and brighter. And Emirul, for guiding me so much through my time in EK. And also to the current and past interns who were with me and made my days at EcoKnights even better (Luqman, Fara, Yen Ji, Nik, Johanan, Sher Wyn, CK, Aiman, Malik, Sylvie and Ben.)

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