Hui Yee

huiyeeIt is the third week since I left EcoKnights; I really miss this place so much. I miss the walk from the bus stop passing by the community centre, the community garden with the nice aunties and uncles until the office gate. I miss guessing if there is anyone in because until the last day of my internship, I still forgot to bring the office key.

I still remember on the first day I entered the office; everyone in the office is so friendly. They knew that I am from Ipoh and I took public transport to work, they even guided me on taking the nearest route to office. 

Our founder Yasmin Rasyid is really a wonderful lady who shows us a good example on how to manage time wisely as well as managing work. She guides and gives us ideas on how to explore a topic, making everything more fun and interesting.

Fadly Bakhtiar or known as Fabs welcomes all the new interns and gives us some motivation. I still remember what he said to us – “We will give you the space to explore and find out more about yourself, don’t restrict yourself but just do it, just do out of the box and beyond your comfort zone.” His encouragement really gave us full support and guidance on what we do. Slowly, I got on track and was coping with all the work progress of EcoKnights. I really enjoy the working environment as you can do your work at any place as long as you are comfortable. For me, I like to sit at my work desk to do my work, but I do enjoy watching others do their work at the dining table or on the sofa.

Nabila (Nabs) is my co-supervisor who is also called as ‘Kak Long’ by everyone and is like my jiejie (elder sister). Throughout the three months in EcoKnights, I worked closely with her. She is the one who guided me the most and is really close with me. She is a role model to me as she has passion for her work, making sure everything goes well and she won't leave us behind when she knows that we are lost. She will really guide us and give us a hand if needed so that we can handle work by ourselves. I enjoyed my time learning and working together with her on the preparation for KLEFF film competition from the selection until the award ceremony. We clicked with each other on what to do, and how to do the work.

And I can never forget the other officers in EcoKnights – Juy, Mok and Emirul, each and every one of them really guide us on how to handle different situations. 

In EcoKnights, I was given the opportunity to try out different variety of work such as preparing slides for talk, getting the chance to be at iM4U studio to learn how to share and speak in media interviews, preparing for Green Market and film screening session, facilitating the Knight of Nature camp, setting up booth and explaining about climate change to the public and so many more. These hand-on experiences trained me to be more calm and steady when we face problems and the importance of team work to handle and solve all the challenges. 

I’m also really glad to be part of KLEFF this year, I really enjoyed every single moment even though it was tiring. I witnessed the teamwork to make sure everything went well and backed each other up when needed. This is the strong bond that you can’t get in any other places but EcoKnights. Once a knight, forever a knight! Even though I’m no longer in the office and working together with the team but my heart is still with them and whenever I’m free, I’ll definitely go back and look for them and if they need any help I’ll also be there for them. EcoKnights is really a place that you won’t want to leave. Thank you and I love EcoKnights!

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