Sylvie Tan

sylvieMy internship with EcoKnights was like no other. In the four weeks of July, EcoKnights has somehow managed to equip me with most of the skills I needed for my future endeavours.

I did not waste any of my time during my internship, week 1 and I was already ready to be on top of my game. I was assigned to assist Ben for the Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp (KON) that was due to commence in mid-August, hence it was a peak period in terms of finalising the camp details. One of my main tasks with Ben was to market and advertise the camp to recruit more volunteers as the application deadline was very soon. This developed my problem solving and communication skills where we had to create a marketing strategy for our website and Facebook page, and liaise with external environmental organisations and institutes that may show interest in KON. On top of that, my role incorporated communicating with the volunteers to ensure that they arrive at the camp with the relevant information and knowledge. With that, I took advantage of this opportunity and started to try something new. I created and compiled a welcome pack regarding the relevant details for KON, and an information pack which enclosed material about the coastal and marine development in Johor. This opportunity allowed me to express my new found interest in graphic and design. 

Interning with EcoKnights comes with lots of opportunities. Just within my first week, I followed Fadly for an interview with about KON. On my second week we went to Sungai Bunus to visit the tree planting site and we also had a really helpful training with DHL. By the third week, we were enlightened on how to carry out the various workshops EcoKnights offer.  During my last week, I was so attached to all my colleagues because working with them was extremely fruitful and exciting.  

The team and interns at EcoKnights are truly inspirational. All of them are so driven by passion to make a change in the world. Even though we come from different backgrounds and are designated with different projects, we worked together collectively to ensure that everyone and all projects flourishes in the end. 

EcoKnights is not just an ordinary office to go to work and then head home. The Program Director, Fadly aka. Fabs, and President, Yasmin, has built a comfortable environment that makes you feel at home. It will not affect your productivity at all as you will be surrounded by so many inspiring interns and the EK team that truly supports and encourages you to become who you truly are. Hence, my journey at EcoKnights was not just about an internship, it was about self-development and finding out who I can become. 

So to all new interns out there, use your time at EcoKnights as a platform to transcend your own limitations and discover your hidden potential.

And to everyone back at EK, missing all of you so much!


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