carolineDuring my internship, I got the chance to prepare and attend various workshops, client meetings, and client events. One of my personal highlights was the 5k Bottled Hope Trail Run at the beginning of my internship, followed by various hands-on workshops and a tree planting session with the public. It was a perfect opportunity to get to know EcoKnights and the work we do, as well as bonding with my team. Additionally, I was given a lot of responsibility throughout the internship, which I really enjoyed. To give an example, I was put in charge of the film reviewing process for our signature event, KLEFF. As this was an important and time-critical task, it challenged my project and time management skills and required me to demonstrate my leadership qualities, whereby I learned a lot.

I enjoyed working for EcoKnights a lot – not only because I found it very motivational to think that the time and effort I put into my work will help facilitate and build something great through supporting a good cause, namely protecting our environment. One of the things I really like about EcoKnights besides the work itself is the high exposure to various working styles, mentalities, and beliefs. We are a small, but diverse and open-minded organisation. Every single one of us plays a unique role in the team due to our unique personalities and strengths, and although we are very different, we fit together perfectly and complement each other. At EcoKnights, we work with, not against each other. Our president Yasmin and Programme Director Fadly have built an environment for everyone to flourish and show who they truly are, for people to share their knowledge and experiences with each other to help every single one in our team learn and grow, and to ultimately combine the strengths of each individual to create the great team EcoKnights is. I believe this is why we, as an organisation, are able to achieve so much despite only having a relatively small team and limited resources.

Working at EcoKnights was so much more than just an internship for me. It has been an entirely new phase of my life, and I am beyond grateful for this experience. I was able to dive into a completely different culture, learn from and bond with my colleagues, and establish deeply personal connections with very special people. I was encouraged to challenge myself, to question and be critical, and I believe this changed my perspective on various aspects of life. EcoKnights has given me far more than what I could have hoped for. 



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