jeyaWOW!! I have just completed two months of internship at EcoKnights. That was fast.

Hey Guys! I’m Jeyapriya or Priya in “short” (pun intended). Well, where do I start, there’s so much for me to share about this beautiful journey as a Knight. To be able to complete my degree, Bachelors of Science majoring in Communication & Psychology, I had to fulfil 120 credit hours for my internship. Hence, I chose EcoKnights as my place to do my internship and I was lucky to be part of the family. I came across EcoKnights as I was browsing through the internet looking for internship opportunities and was very much interested in completing my internship at EcoKnights upon reading the interns testimonial on their webpage.

Honestly, the first week was a little tough for me as I was not sure if I would fit in and I doubted myself a lot. I was not sure if I was able to live up to their expectation. And that’s when I learnt a lot from my President Ms. Yasmin and my supervisor, Mr. Fadly. They are people with so much of positivity, very understanding, and broad minded individuals. This changed the way I looked at myself and the internship, and was motivated to make the best out of this opportunity as well as develop various skills.

These two months of internship has showed me theory and practical are poles apart. I enjoyed my journey as a communication student as I did various types of course work but this internship has given me ‘on the job’ experience that I truly appreciate. It has shown me a whole different world. Throughout this internship, I did a number of different tasks that I have never done before, from compiling database, heading the festival guide book, leading and managing an event in a university, being part of workshops, writing articles, preparing media strategy up to film shortlisting. Though it was a short period, I definitely learned a lot and am truly blessed to be part of EcoKnights.

EcoKnights is a place filled with laughter and joy, passionate individuals who are selfless and wanting to do more for the community, and very talented people. Thanks everyone for being extremely friendly, accepting me as who I am, always encouraging and motivating me, and for giving me a chance to do things that are beyond my comfort zone. My days in EcoKnights will always be cherished.

Thank you EcoKnights and lots of love for all of you! 

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