EcoKnights continuously looks for avenues to assist in building the capacity of communities especially college and university students.

Environmental encompasses a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge.

So even if you don’t know much about Mother Nature, your skills can still be readily applied in many ways.

For more on our internship programmes, please email us at  making  sure that you include the following in your email:

  1. A proper email body and introduction stating your intention to apply for internship
  2. A cover letter
  3. An updated resume or curricular vitae (CV)
  4. Additional materials such as portfolio, videos, any examples of previous works.

Read the internship testimonials from our past interns below.


  • Ain Yezid

    17 April 2019
    I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a 3-month internship with EcoKnights as part of my self-learning life journey especially taking a leap of faith of doing internship rather than a full time j...
  • Tabitha

    09 April 2019
    Hi! My name is Tabitha and I’m a University of Melbourne student majoring in Environmental Science. I decided to intern with EcoKnights during my summer break for a period of 6 weeks. Although interns...
  • Ellaendrea Tan

    09 April 2019
    What is a double degree student majoring in International Business and Global Studies doing at an environmental non-governmental organisation? Well, it all started as a requirement for a university...
  • Ler Wei Rong

    29 January 2019
    From a zoologist to an environment activist. This is a truly unforeseen journey. Hi, my name is Wei Rong, a fresh zoology graduate from USM Penang. My ambition was to join a marine animal conservatio...
  • Marin Mihai David

    29 January 2019
    Hello there, my name is Marin Mihai David, I’m from Romania and currently I’m in my final year at University of Twente in Netherlands. Before applying I wanted to do something different from my major,...
  • Maddy

    24 December 2018
    Time flies so fast in EcoKnights. In just the blink of an eye, my internship came to an end. It has been quite hectic ever since day 1. I have been involved in many different things and I get so much ...
  • Alya Razali

    24 December 2018
    Hello everyone, I am Alya fresh graduate from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and I was a former intern at EcoKnights.  It is truly my honour to share with everyone a few valuable moments that I h...
  • Yann Chyi

    19 November 2018
    I came into EcoKnights as part of my 3-month internship for my degree course. It’s my first time experiencing work at a residential office and the best thing is we don’t need to wear formal office at...
  • Ali Zulhazim

    19 November 2018
    Hi there, I’m Ali Zulhazim from USM Penang and I was an intern in EcoKnights from September till October. Although it was only for two months, my days in EcoKnights were awesome. I have no regret join...
  • Syazwan Latiwf

    09 July 2018
    Salam and hello there. I’m Syazwan Latiwf, a programme intern for EcoKnights from February 2018 until June 2018. I’m a Natural Resources student from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. Right now, I have co...
  • Jia Qi

    28 May 2018
    Hi there, my name is Jia Qi and I am studying Public Relations in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. Right now, I have already completed my internship at EcoKnights. In my rather short experience ...
  • Rizan Faiz

    23 March 2018
    My name is Rizan Faiz Rosman and greetings to all. I am in my final year of Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Science at the University of Melbourne.  Looking back at my time at EcoK...
  • Koen Louis

    13 February 2018
    My name is Koen Louis and I’m from the Netherlands. At the moment of writing I am in the third and final year of my studies International Business Administration (IBA) at the University of Twente, the...
  • Luqman

    29 January 2018
    When I walked into the EcoKnights meeting room for my interview, I was firmly set on getting two things: I was going to find out what on earth was going on with the Malaysian environment, and I wanted...
  • Sher Wyn

    21 December 2017
    Greetings readers! I'm Sher Wyn and I majored in Corporate Communication in Sunway University. EcoKnights is the only place I applied for my internship placement. I did consider other organizations b...
  • Nurul Fatiah

    25 November 2017
    I came into EcoKnights as part of my 3-month internship for my degree. Fresh out of university, I had no idea how this experience was going to be like because this would be first real "job". It took m...
  • Hui Yee

    25 November 2017
    It is the third week since I left EcoKnights; I really miss this place so much. I miss the walk from the bus stop passing by the community centre, the community garden with the nice aunties and uncles...
  • Sylvie Tan

    17 October 2017
    My internship with EcoKnights was like no other. In the four weeks of July, EcoKnights has somehow managed to equip me with most of the skills I needed for my future endeavours. I did not waste any o...
  • Anis Nadia

    17 September 2017
    As I'm writing this, I'm waiting for my laundry to finish. Life after internship is actually quite boring but I'm filling my time (post-EcoKnights) by hanging out with friends and preparing for my M...
  • Benjamin Chai

    21 August 2017
    “Hmm, I need to start looking for a placement for myself. Let’s google for the Top 10 environmental NGO in Malaysia based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor… EcoKnights? Ah okay, the name sounds pretty cool...
  • Dewi

    07 August 2017
    During my internship, I got the chance to prepare and attend various workshops, client meetings, and client events. One of my personal highlights was the 5k Bottled Hope Trail Run at the beginning of ...
  • Jeyapriya

    25 July 2017
    WOW!! I have just completed two months of internship at EcoKnights. That was fast. Hey Guys! I’m Jeyapriya or Priya in “short” (pun intended). Well, where do I start, there’s so much for me to share ...
  • Aaron Riang

    25 July 2017
    Honestly, I did not know what I signed up for and the only advice I gave myself was “brace yourself”. Guess what? It worked out well. My journey at EcoKnights as an intern was spectacular to...
  • Nurul Nabila

    19 July 2017
    My name is Nurul Nabila Shohimi from Kuala Lumpur. I'm currently pursuing my final year in Environmental Biology in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.My journey with EcoKnights (EK) started with my pa...
  • Fara Amina

    19 June 2017
    “Doing a great job in a task is one thing, Fara, but going beyond that, to leave something behind, something great, is another thing.” Loosely, that was what Mr. Fadly, the Programme Director of EcoKn...
  • Malathi Sangaran

    19 May 2017
    In order to fulfill my sixth semester’s university requirement, I chose EcoKnights as the place for my internship. To be honest, I really don’t know what to expect when I accepted this offer. My exper...
  • Moo Deqing

    19 March 2017
    Hi everyone! My name is Moo Deqing, and I am currently a second-year Mechanical Engineering student from the University of Malaya. I first got to know about EcoKnights through Miss Yasmin Rasyid when ...
  • Syamim Asri

    19 February 2017
    Needless to say, EcoKnights is involved in many green projects and last year, we launched a backyard composting project known as Garbage to Garden or g2g, funded by SHELL. Now that we are half-way thr...
  • Amelia

    19 January 2017
    HEYYYAAA! I’m Amelia currently pursuing my degree in psychology in UCSI University. Well, where to start? I don’t know how I ended up here in EcoKnights but I know for sure I never regretted my decisi...
  • Nur Farhanah Adam Malik

    19 November 2016
    Farhanah have been with EK family for about 2 months. During her time here, she have been exposed and coped with various challenge especially during KLEFF. Let’s hear about what she has to say! In a ...
  • Nur Atiqah binti Kamarudin

    19 October 2016
    Nur Atiqah binti Kamarudin, 22 years old, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (International Studies)So how do I even start to rant about EcoKnights? At first, I am interested to know how an NGO works. I thou...
  • Nurfarhani Irfan

    19 September 2016
    A one-month internship seemed like a no-brainer to me. I would just come to the office and do my work for about 20 plus days, and after that resume my life as usual. Truthfully, in my first week at Ec...
  • Fikri Haikal

    19 August 2016
    Mr. Fikri Haikal - Environmental Science in University Malaysia KelantanWalla… Hi there, my name is Haikal and I am a final year student, studying Environmental Science in University Malaysia Kel...
  • Emirul Redzuan

    19 June 2016
    I still remember the first time I had an interview with Mr. Fadly, our EcoKnights Program Director. During that interview, he asked me: “What do you expect to learn here at EcoKnights?” For a moment, ...
  • Sue May

    19 June 2016
    As a dental graduate waiting for my posting, I felt the need to explore and dive into something out of my comfort zone. I was certain that there was more to life and more to learn than just pulling ou...
  • Bazil Shahriman

    19 March 2016
    Where do I begin? As I pen this, I am sitting in the office surrounded by an environment that exceeded my expectations. My thoughts reaching out to everything in and out of the office. From our compos...
  • Mandeep Singh

    19 February 2016
    Hey, my name is Mandeep and I am currently an intern here at EcoKnights. As I write this, I am already approaching the end of my internship experience, and oh boy, it was an experience I’ll ...
  • Tharani Alagapan

    19 December 2015
    Hi, my name is Tharani Alagapan from Mersing, Johor. I’m a forestry student from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). EcoKnights have been an unexpected turning point in my life which taught so many thing...
  • Weng Han

    19 December 2015
    Hey there, my name is Tan Weng Han. I am a BA journalism graduate from the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). A little bit of history here, Mok and I have been friends since high school. In year 2...
  • Mok Yi Ying

    19 December 2015
    Nothing seems right here. Something is definitely going on, and it’s no ordinary stuffs. I sat down, look around, haven’t got my chair warmed up then reality kicks in. When I joined EcoKnights, every...
  • Wang Jian Wen

    19 December 2015
    WAZZZUPPPPPP. My name is Wang Jian Wen, a degree student from UCSI University. I am currently on my second year in pursuing a degree in Mass Communication.It was actually pretty unexpected for me to h...
  • Shi Min

    19 December 2015
    Hello world! My name is Shi Min. I’m studying degree of Biotechnology in Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Kelana Jaya, Selangor have joined EcoKnights in September. I have learn...
  • Samantha Liza

    19 November 2015
    My name is Samantha Liza and I am from Kuching, Sarawak. I am a forestry student from Universiti Putra Malaysia. My academic background is what really aspired me to choose EcoKnights as my internship ...
  • Ainie Syahira Abd Karim

    19 September 2015
    I am Ainie Syahira Bt Abd Karim from Wangsa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. I’m currently a final year undergrad Universiti Malaya’s student major in Mathematics.Knowing EK in my first year of study...
  • Sanjevakumarran Elil

    19 June 2015
    Name: Sanjevakumarran ElilDate of birth: 18 January 1994Nationality: MalaysianCity of Residence: Kuala LumpurCurrent Education Background: Undergraduate Field/course of s...
  • Lim Chee Jing

    19 April 2015
    Jeanne is the newly turned-24 intern currently working with EcoKnights. Read on to get to know Jeanne a little better! Name: Lim Chee Jing Date of birth: 27th March Nationality: Malaysian City of Re...
  • Jeanne Lim

    19 March 2015
    Name: Jeanne Lim Nationality: Malaysian I was lucky enough to participate in a few of corporate events with EcoKnights. For instance, I joined corporate responsibility training workshop at May...
  • Jasreena Ashvin Kaur

    19 March 2015
    Name: Jasreena Ashvin Kaur Nationality: Malaysian City of Residence: Puchong, Selangor Current Education Background: Bachelor of Science Field/course of study: Environmental Science Dura...
  • Jolene Tan

    19 September 2014
    Name: Jolene Tan (Mei Peng) Nationality: Malaysian City of Residence: Klang Valley Field/course of study: Bsc (Hons) Environmental Science Duration of internship: 3 ½ month(s). From June 2014 ...
  • Lee Shean-Woei

    19 August 2014
    Thank you all so much for taking me in as an intern here at EK. Despite short the time I spent here, I learnt a lot. I can honestly say that I think I have managed to pick up enough of what I intended...
  • Youths from various background actively participating in the development of sustainable

    19 July 2014
    Here’s what our volunteers say: Recently in June, 18 year old Samira Olei volunteered for EcoKnights once a week in the office assisting the Program Director with weekly projects in the office. Her...
  • Shashidharan N Subramaniam

    19 June 2014
      Name: Shashidharan N Subramaniam Nationality: Malaysian Duration of internship: _7_ month(s). From July 2013 to October 2013 and from March 2014 to May 2014
  • Voon Su Yin

    19 October 2013
    Hi, I’m Su and I am currently enrolled in a Mandarin Program in Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing.During my time interning at EcoKnights I was involved in the planning and communicati...
  • Aizuura Dzhumataeva

    19 November 2011
    Aizuura Dzhumataeva hails from Kyrgyzstan. She is 20 and is currently studying Financial Management at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University University.“In time of globalization and integration we shou...
  • Lee Mai Lan

    19 November 2011
    Hi, I’m Mai Lan, and I am currently an assurance associated at PricewaterhouseCoopers Vietnam Ltd. I was working as a Project Intern for EcoKnights from July to September 2011. By having chance to me...
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