Garbage to Garden Project 2018

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According to the statistics, roughly about 1.3 billion tonnes of food produced in the world for human consumption got wasted every year. The contribution of food waste to the landfills are about 30% therefore it is crucial for us to close the loop of food waste and stopping it from contributing to landfills.

Compost Bin Infographic

This year, in collaboration with the Selangor State government, EcoKnights is organizing a campaign called ‘Garbage to Garden (G2G)’ that acts as a platform to educate the public about backyard composting food waste and raise awareness about how we can put food waste to a good use.

The objectives of this campaign is:

  • Reduce organic waste produced by the residents in Selangor through a 5-month backyard composting programme.
  • Provide backyard composting education and compost bins to 100 participants.
  • Build up capacity of community to compost and get 50% change agents through this programme.
EcoKnights’ 60L compost binEcoKnights’ 60L compost bin
Compost layersCompost layers

Compost bins will be given to every participants and the progress will be monitored by EcoKnights’ members from time to time. The timeline of Garbage to Garden Project is as below:

9th April – 18th May Registration
5th May 1st Workshop
12th May 2nd Workshop
19th May 3rd Workshop
26th May 4th Workshop
June 1st phase of monitoring
July 2nd phase of monitoring


Closing The Loop

Compost put nutrients back into the soil instead of wasting them provided that they have the correct ratio of nutrients that plants need to grow!


To register, please click here

* Please note that the compost bins will have to be self-picked up at the EcoKnights’ office after the participants’ have gone through the workshop.

* This program is only applicable for Selangor residents.

For more information about Garbage to Garden Project, please contact Iqbal at:

+603 7731 8361 /

Jata Selangorsmartselangor



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