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EcoKnights® was founded by Yasmin Rasyid in 2005 as a registered not-for-profit environmental organization serving the needs of all stakeholders towards mainstreaming sustainable development in Malaysia.

The organization provides and delivers development and environmental interventions to communities, government agencies, learning institutes and companies to mobilize and catalyse the stakeholders towards sustainable development. Through smart partnerships and collaborations, EcoKnights® works across trans- and interdisciplinary fields to build bridges towards achieving sustainable development for communities and companies across four main pillars: Outreach, Education, Eco-nomy and Recruitment (Volunteerism) & Partnerships.



The Four Pillars

EcoKnights’ daily operations and efforts are based on four main pillars, supported by Creatives and Communications.




Outreach is the soul of EcoKnights. We build bridges and reduce development gaps to deliver important interventions to communities who need them.

Goal: To raise awareness and build the capacity of Malaysians to address environmental issues by taking action.



Through informal and formal channels, EcoKnights delivers environmental educational programs, and also conducts scientific research and studies to advance the collection and dissemination of information to Malaysians. Through educational activities and programs, EcoKnights also aims to enhance the adoption and application of the citizen science approach in the country. 

Goal: To deliver quality environmental educational programs and provide scientific evidence and information to Malaysians from all walks of life.





EcoKnights advocates for a sustainable future by creating and owning platforms that promote a sustainable local and global economy, specifically through green entrepreneurship and sustainable lifestyles.

Goal: To mobilize and inspire local entrepreneurs to adopt Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals (Responsible Consumption and Production


Recruitment & Partnership

EcoKnights mobilizes and influences important stakeholders to work collaboratively towards realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Goal: To inspire and influence more Malaysians to take positive actions for the planet by adopting a greener lifestyle.




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