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Sustainable Community Development

We view community development as the main driver of sustainable development. Within this scope, our aim is to enhance the capacities and assets of communities, be it businesses, youths, teachers or even villagers, with the necessary programs with reference to our Theory of Change.

EcoKnights delivers a wide range of development interventions to empower communities to address sustainability. These interventions range from provision of basic social and physical services to provide relief or welfare services, self-reliant and localized community projects, efforts related to sustainable systems development, and mobilization of networks and organizations towards the formation of a sustainable global society. We believe that with our approach to development interventions, EcoKnights is paving the way for more people-centred development in the country.

Education & Awareness

We focus on the immediate needs of communities through direction action such as delivery of education and awareness programs, or even basic infrastructure needs – mainly funded by private contributions through smart partnerships and social responsibility programs.

Capacity Building and Skills Development

Recognising the limitation of education and awareness programs, our efforts are also targeted at delivering interventions that contribute to the development of self-reliant communities or interventions which can be sustained beyond the period of our assistance.

Policy and Institutional Reforms

We engage with multi-stakeholders, specifically government agencies, to address strategic issues relating to sustainability, breadth of impact and recurrent cost recovery. This includes contributing to national policies and legislation and advocacy for climate-related risk management policies, among others. Our focus is to facilitate sustainable changes in a local, national and regional setting.


Partnerships for Social Responsibility

We work across diverse stakeholders to synergize efforts towards sustainable development with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also offer consultation and services to companies in the strategic planning, development and implementation of sustainability policies, projects and activities.

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Sustainability Science Research

We work with educational institutes, public organizations and also businesses across multiple disciplines using sustainability science approaches to enhance broader perspectives and understanding of sustainability and to assist stakeholders in dealing with complex, long-term local and global issues such human-induced climate and ecosystem changes. We aim to deliver more research-based programs to promote solutions that contribute to rebuilding a sound relationship between human and the environment. 

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