The Core Values of EcoKnights

Creativity and innovation

At EK, we believe in consistently evolving with the Malaysian mainstream mindset or psychology to position our educational and awareness activities as relevant, solutions-oriented and positive. The heart of our concepts and designs are allowing enormous amounts of creativity and innovation. This helps clients and our donors conduct effective campaigns and other community outreach or conservation efforts.


Passion is a BIG deal at EcoKnights. And it's not only passion for the environment, but passion in so many other levels. Passion to serve and protect humanity by working on small efforts within the grassroots levels is drilled in the team to produce individuals that are ecologically conscious and responsible.


EcoKnights thinks long term and helps find long term sustainable options for companies, organizations and communities. Thus we tend to take a more holistic and futuristic outlook on the desired outputs of any of our educational and awareness campaigns. We're not moving a hill, we are moving a mountain. But we also need to ask ourselves this, "Where are we moving it to?".

Environmental sustainability

We like to practice what we preach and most of us are encouraged to be more responsible - at work or home, towards making the current world slightly better with one less truant. It's not easy for everyone but there's always some thing more sustainable that can be easily changed in our daily habits. We sometimes just don't see it. At EK, we help ourselves an others open up their minds to embrace sustainability.


Without respect for every nature of things, we wouldn't be able to create engaging and meaningful programmes to serve broader and wider goals of conservation and sustainability. We thrive to ensure that all our activities are conducted with respect to every sensitivities, if any, that arises.

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