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Kids Recycling Workshops

EK is active with various children’s programmes. Among some of the educational activities that EK does is recycling workshops where children will learn to utilize their creative ideas to convert recyclable materials (like old cardboards, bottle caps, paper and etc) to funky and usable items such as photo frames, fridge magnets and more.


It is part of EK’s efforts for interested organizations to help educate the younger generation about the environment in the most FUN and INTERACTIVE way.


IKEA’s I Care Day Recycling Workshop - February 2nd, 2008.


EcoKnights, with Wild Asia, conducted a Recycling Workshop for some 40 kids at IKEA’s I Care Day on February 2nd 2008.


Kids had fun learning how to convert recyclable items like bottle caps, old discarded card boxes to wacky fridge magnets and silly picture frames.


If your organization or company is keen to organize recycling workshops for your staffs’ kids or family, do contact info@ecoknights.com for more information.



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